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Dear fans,

We all knew when I wrote that a more serious and more detailed post would have followed soon that I was lying right?

Good, thank you Jim. Thanks for your off-site enthusiasm too.

Of course I was lying about the following-soon-thing, you should know me by now, as for the more serious and more detailed part – well – I’ll try my best but I can’t guarantee. Start watching this video – please – and the serious part will be probably over. Then it’ll be my turn to speak. In fact, it’ll be my turn to write. – I know. It was terrible but I couldn’t resist... –



So here we are, eleven days after that last post, talking about Save the Children and why I chose to run the Edinburgh Marathon for them. Run the marathon for the Children.

Real children and not invisible children” I could say but I’m not going to: some of yous could take that wrong and I don’t want to create any misunderstanding here. – Yeah I know I wrote it anyway but that was just to say that I don’t want to talk about Kony over here. You want to talk about that with me? Meet me at the Drop or wherever and we’ll talk about it. And-if-you’re-hot-enough-maybe-we-can-talk-about-it-the-morning-after-too-waaaayyyyyyy!!! – All I care about at the moment is explain to you all – my dear supporters – why I am going to run twenty-six miles with a red Save the Children tee on and why and how I need you to help me helping Save the Children help children all around the world.

How you could help me helping them help the children is pretty easy so please do it.

Just to let yous know that twenty quid are better than both a penny and a smile and that I trimmed my beard even though eleven out of fifteen girls from Sneaky’s said that beards are hot.

OVER HERE you can safely donate online through my justgiving webpage. Another way is meet me, have a chat with me and probably a drink or two and I can collect your cash sponsorship and provide you a sponsorship form. Either ways it’s pretty easy so it’s up to you.

Cheers, that would make me even happier than I was on my twenty-first birthday, day this picture was taken.

Now you can only see my left shoulder but I swear my face was pure happiness.

Right, I ain’t no hypocrite. I know that what I am trying to do here – with your help – won’t change much. There will still be children, all around the world, struggling for survival because of hunger, poverty, war, disease, illiteracy, tsunamis and it won’t be my fundraising the solution to the World’s problems but every little helps. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do – we’re not Batman – however donating something to independent organizations such as Save the Children anytime we have a chance is better than nothing. Isn’t it? I don’t want to be too rhetorical and I don’t want to force anyone: I am just giving you one of the above-mentioned chances. I really believe in what Save the Children is been doing all around the world since 1919 and I am more than happy to contribute to it through this whole marathon thing. I would be even happier to have you on our side giving me all the support you’re already giving me and some little extra too. But then again, it’s your money and you’re absolutely free to do whatever you want with it.

Myself, for example, I like to spend most of my money in food and drinks but I’m gonna say no to a few pints and give myself a few quid. Exactly like Chris just did.

Thanks Chris.

You’re a good man. Except when you drink and become a total fanny and you keep pissing me off telling me I’m a nine-till-five cunt and you don’t answer when I repeatedly ask you how many kilometres you’ve run today.


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