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I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.

That’s what I said on the phone to my mate Paolo no longer than two hours ago when he called me straight after my training session at the gym. But let’s start over.

WEDNESDAY – First day OFF after nine or ten -can’t remember- shifts in a row and of course I slept till 3pm. Managed to leave the flat at 4-ish pm, went for a massive lunch with some mates and then finnaly got my new running shoes from this shop. The shop assistant was really sound and made me run on the treadmill bare foot so that we could analyze together on video the way I run. It turned out that I run as any other human being: wrong but not that much. He then recommended and brought me a pair of shoes on sale -still £65 though- made by Brooks. This one, to be precise. I put them on –they felt great!– and then ran again for a bit on the treadmill, this time in front of a few camera-equipped and incredibly out-of-tune supporters.


Then I had a massive dinner, disintegrated Marcus at FIFA12, had a few drinks, went to bed, dreamt about naked women -as always- and then woke up this morning.

THURSDAY – After an eight hours shift -what an interesting day considering that I managed to sum it up in 5 words, uh?- it was time to try the new shoes on so I went with Marcus to the gym at something like 9:30pm. Yes, Marcus. Unbelievable uh? I ran 6,1 km (2,8km-2 minutes break-3,3km) in 32 minutes altogether and felt great. Marcus ran next to me for a while then went working out, according to him… Anyway after that my legs weren’t sore at all: neither the shins nor the calfs. Must say that I was a bit short of breath though.

Me, a tiny wee bit short of breath

On my way back home my mate Paolo phoned me and yeah -as I was saying earlier on- I was telling him how everything was right with the new shoes on. He asked me a few questions about these new shoes and how I felt with them on and all that stuff and then thanked me and hung up. He phoned me back a wee while after that and he told me that my story inspired hime for a new song. He was so excited that in less than an hour he wrote both music and lyrics, recorded the song and filmed the video too. He also asked me to publish it here, since my blog is so popular all around the world and he’s still fledgeling, so here it is. Enjoy.


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