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Today should be Day One, but it’s not.

Right now I should be out there running 5km, but I’m not.

I should be in Edinburgh, but I’m not.

At this point -I know you guys are all real supporters of mine even though just one of yous turned up last night at my arrival at Milan Malpensa to show his (and yours) disappointment- you’re probably asking yourselves why am I not in Edinburgh and why am I not training.

My biggest fan asking me "Y U NO TRAINING?" at my arrival at Malpensa yesterday

Let me explain.

  • Why I am not in Edinburgh: I found myself having four days off from work in a row so I decided to fly home to see my family, my dog and my friends. Easyjet.com seemed to approve this idea and charged me only £100 for a very last minute return ticket (booked on saturday night, flew on sunday at noon, flying back on wednesday morning). Nae bad, eh? Here everybody was pretty happy to see me again especially my dog, who had a special treat ready for me.

My dog welcoming me as soon as I walked into my parents' flat

  • Why I am not training: basically because in Milan the temperature at the moment (12:35 pm) is -3°C and I can’t be arsed.

The view from my window in Milan, right now

So here I am in Milan doing this and this while I sould be in Edinbrugh doing this and this but don’t worry, I will start training next week.



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