Riccardo's useless Marathon blog

Pains and gains of my training.




I’m Riccardo, 25, originally from Milan but currently living in Edinburgh and in may I am going to run the Edinburgh Marathon 2012. I’m gonna try, at least.

I’d say this idea came to my mind when I was drunk -most of all the brilliant ideas I’ve had in all my life came after heavy nights out- not sure though. What’s important is that the decision has been made and I’ll stick to it as firmly as a chewing-gum would do on your hair. Sticazzi, we say in italian.

Here some things you should know: I am neither a professional athlete nor a habitual runner, to the contrary I am a professional time-waster and a habitual drunkard. At the moment I am everything but fit, yet running this marathon is my new year’s resolution and over the next twenty weeks -by this blog- I will keep you posted on both my achievements and failures. Mainly failures, more than likely.

I will follow a training programme I found online (…) which hopefully will work. But you guys have to know that I am not gonna give up drinking and I am not gonna go on a special diet.

Besides, I will let you know soon which charity I am running the marathon for.

Stay tuned and please feel free to encourage and/or insult me any time you feel like you want to.

Catch you later, Riccardo.




2 thoughts on “OH, HIYA!

  1. I’m your best fan….keep on training!!!! πŸ™‚

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